People Management

With a special focus on two Values - Innovation and Collaboration, the company valuing its team members, encourages professional growth and creates an open and healthy work environment.

Among the management strategies, the 360 degree evaluation process stands out, a transparent and permanent process that counts on the active participation of the employee and its own committee. Results are one of the ways to access a professional growth benefit package such as scholarships, training or technical and academic qualifications. The company also offers other forms of qualification, such as Development Trails and distance learning.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Viewing corporate diversity as foundational for innovation and productivity, BAMIN, through its Diversity and Inclusion Committee, fosters an inclusive and diverse environment for all.

Here we respect differences in identity, gender, age, social and ethical diversity. Our intention is that each one provides their best and, for that, we don't give in to stereotypes, we want everyone to feel good to be who they are!

Diversity Committee

BAMIN’s Human Resources approach focuses on innovation, collaborative work, diversity, dialogue and commitment to the training of future generations of professionals in the mining sector. Based on the company's values (link to strategic planning), developed with the participation of all employees, the HR strategy looks to the future, creating a space where professional practices and learning find fertile ground to promote growth of the people and the company's sustainable development.

Performance Management

The innovative model is considered essential to align the actions of employees with the company's objectives and to jointly build a high-performance organization. The process has a special focus on the role of the leader, who plays the role of developing and promoting the growth of his/her team, monitoring the results achieved and demonstrated behaviors.
Through the Performance Management Process it is expected to:

  • Contribute to the fulfillment of the company's strategy and the achievement of the expected results, unfolding the company's objectives into individual objectives;
  • Stimulate a culture of meritocracy and high performance;
  • Identify the different performances and manage the consequences more effectively;
  • Enable employees to receive feedback in a structured and continuous way;
  • Encourage reflection on career.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

The search for harmony between the development of its projects and the preservation of nature is a constant in the company's routine. Two major fronts make up environmental protection actions.

Pedra de Ferro Conservation Center (CCPdF)

Located in the region of the mine, the space is used to manage environmental programs, such as rescue, reproduction and preservation of local fauna and flora, among others, and mainly, for environmental education activities.

Pedra de Ferro Museum

Our museum was built based on sustainable architecture and is installed in the mine region, inside the Pedra de Ferro Conservation Center - CCPdF.

The site has an archaeological, speleological collection of local fauna and flora, with emphasis on the conservation of Mexerica, a prehistoric rock site that was rescued by the company in 2012. The rescue and safeguarding of these assets resulted in environmental education mechanisms such as exhibitions, educational activities and spaces for debate and discussion.

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museu pedra de ferro
museu pedra de ferro
museu pedra de ferro

Porto Sul Environmental Center (CAPS)

In the Porto Sul region, the company built the Porto Sul Environmental Center (CAPS), a complex of physical structures that supports environmental programs for the licensing of Porto Sul works. The Center is responsible for initiatives that guarantee the preservation of flora and the mitigation of environmental impacts, in addition to the preservation of terrestrial and marine fauna. One of the highlights of the initiative is the Wild Animal Screening and Rehabilitation Center (Cetras), one of the most modern and best equipped of its kind.

In the environmental area, in addition to its own initiatives, BAMIN has allocated, through the Term of Social and Environmental Commitment (TCSA) of the Porto Sul enterprise, BRL 45 million that will ensure sustainable development, the integrity of ecological functions and ecosystem services in the region affected by the port.

Sponsorship and Donations

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, BAMIN supports local and community development projects. They fit the requirements, programs designed to respond to social and environmental concerns related to the company's business and contribute to sustainable development, providing economic, social and environmental benefits to all stakeholders. BAMIN works with three different lines of support: Donation, Social Partnership and Sponsorships.

Initiatives linked to:

  • Health and promotion of safety and environmental programs;
  • Infrastructure and social welfare;
  • Promotion of education and support for youth;
  • Supporting sport and promoting a healthy lifestyle;
  • Preservation of cultural heritage and racial democracy;
  • Economic development, training and community development and support programs for the Company's Human Rights Policy.
    1. BAMIN contributed significantly to the construction of the Hospital Municipal de Caetité, in addition to carrying out projects such as the formation of productive groups, the implementation of selective collection in the municipality of Caetité and donations for the construction of industrial production units of community associations.
    2. BAMIN has already donated more than BRL 7 million since 2011 for the renovation of the Hospital São Jose, in Ilhéus, and for the supply of food for patients, visitors and hospital employees.


BAMIN has a supplier policy aligned with its values and with its Code of Conduct, Learn about BAMIN's Supplier Code of Conduct.


BAMIN seeks to promote an environment free from corruption, fraud and violations of rights of any nature, demanding the same ethical standard of its partners and suppliers.

This commitment is codified in our policies, including our Code of Conduct, the Supplier Code of Conduct and the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption, Human Rights and Data Protection Policies.